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October 19, 2012
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BB'B Steampunk by Mordasius BB'B Steampunk by Mordasius
The Big, Bold and Brassy (BB&B) collection of skins was inspired by IllustratorG's Steampunk Construction Kits. The collection is intended for use on widescreen resolutions (1440x900, 1920x1080, etc.). The emphasis is on bars and dials for visualising information with details given in tooltips and/or pop-ups (mouse-over and/or left-click). What you get in this versions is:

- Analogue clock (left-click to change the frame)
- Calendar with day / date
- RAM and SWAP memory usage
- Overall CPU usage with individual bars for cores 1-4.
- Network activity with ping return time. Left-click for histograms showing upload and download speeds. The ping return indicator uses the ColorChanger script by smurfier
- Wifi signal strength and visable networks.
- Animated volume control with auto-retract.
- HHD used space indicators for 4 drives.
- Weather skin with thermometers, barometer, wind direction indicator and 72-hour forecast from the Weather Channel
- uTorrent tracker using Lua script adapted from LuaTorrent 3.1 by jsmorley
- RSS/Atom feedreader built around Kaelri's Reader.lua script. Feed items are sorted by date/time and anything less than an hour old is bulleted. The neat little selector animation uses Kaelri's Universal Transitions script.
- The Music Player uses Poiru's NowPlaying plugin and works with a variety of media players (e.g. Windows Media Player, AIMP, Foobar2000, iTunes, MediaMonkey, MusicBee, Media Player, Classic, WinAmp, Spotify, TTplayer, VLC, Zune, etc.).
- Skin Launcher for the FeedReader, Music Player, uTorrent and Weather skins which you might not want to have on your desktop all of the time.

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the skins, you'll get a quicker response if you contact me on the Rainmeter forums .

UPDATE 12-Dec-12: Added variant to display activity on CPU cores 5-8. It can be found as a variant of the Background skin (Background-8core.ini).
UPDATE 17-Jan-13: Replaced the silly little thermometers with a circular temperature gauge.
UPDATE 18-Jan-13: Fixed an error in the uTorrent skin that prevented it working properly on some machines.
UPDATE 30-Jan-14: Posted a VLC media player skin to go with this collection.
UPDATE 08-Mar-14: Updated the Weather skin to read revised feed from
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Greetings Mordasius.
First of all let me say great work, the skins are simply magnificent.

said the above.
I wonder, how can I do to change the directions of the web pages in the feed reader?
I do not live in those countries, so I would like to put pages of my country.
I searched in many websites how changing pages in your feed reader, but still have not found the answer, maybe you, the creator of these incredible skins can help me with this little problem.

Thanks for such a brilliant contribution, my desktop computer is great with your skin.

I hope your answer.
You need to click on the 'settings' icon on the far right of the launcher panel.  This will open ....\Rainmeter\Skins\BB&B\Resources\Configs\  Change the feed URLs in that file under the heading [ READER URLs and Update rates ].
odinnorse Mar 31, 2014  New member
The Music plugin is giving me jip, I have got VLC player, latest so far I think ( I am running the 32bit version with the CAD Nowplaying plugin, but refuses to interact with your music widget, any suggestions?

Im on windows 8 if that throws a spanner in the works

other than that problem the whole thing is working very well, with the weather and such :)

Awesome stuff 
The trick is to copy libcad_plugin.dll to VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\misc, as stated in poiru's post on the Rainmeter forums, rather than VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\notify as given in the wiki.  This works for me on Windows 7 (64-bit).
And now I have a question about the music player. I try to get it to work with vlc. I have so far updated vlc, downloaded the most current version of libcad that I could find, installed it in the vlc notify folder, changed the playername to CAD, went over the installation of vlc to check cad, but clicking on the open music player does nothing. I hope you can help me; OS is windows 7.
The trick is to copy libcad_plugin.dll to VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\misc, as stated in poiru's post on the Rainmeter forums, rather than VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\notify as given in the wiki.  This works for me on Windows 7 (64-bit).
Beautiful work, thank you very much for sharing it here.
Hannibalpjv Jan 25, 2014  New member
Any tips for vlc player skin that would suit with these and all so some mouse pointers fof these settings?

There is now a BB&B VLC skin with an equalizer here ->…
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