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March 17, 2013
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Sunset-Moonrise (v.2.1) by Mordasius Sunset-Moonrise (v.2.1) by Mordasius
This rainmeter skin shows the position of the sun and moon based on the time, date and where you are on planet Earth. The sun and moon images are hauled up chains to their highest points above the horizon from whence they fall to sunset or moonset. You will need the latest beta version of Rainmeter to run the skin. Get it from here

Hover your mouse pointer over the sun/moon images for info on the rise and set times. Hover over the cycle wheel at the top to see the twilight hours and plan your sky-watching and/or artistic activities accordingly.

You can toggle the exhaust fireball images on and off by clicking on the rotating cog in the bottom-left.

You will need to enter your latitude, longitude and timezone for the whole thing to work properly. Do this by left-clicking on the cycle wheel at the top and following instructions in the file.

UPDATE: 18 Jan 2013 - added a clock which you can toggle on/off by clicking on the panel which shows 'Twilight' in the above screenshot.
UPDATE: 31 Mar 2013 - corrected the problem with daylight savings times.
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Mordasius really you make a so good works, thank you :D
and thanks to you too.  I rather like the fireball effect myself.
Awesome work :) .. i think i have mine working hhee.. aye i am not a fan of beta stuff but for this and i too made the exception :) 
I cant get it to work properly. No matter how many times I update my lat and long, it never shows the correct sun and moon times or positions.
Not quite sure why that would be. Could you send me a Note (yellow Note icon - top-right of the page) giving your location (city/town) along with the latitude, longitude and time zone you are using on the skin.
too to reduce the size?
Is there any possibility of adapting the moon shade to the latitude also here?
Mistikfantasy May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Which beta version? The 3.0 Beta (r1916)? i have the 2.5 Final (r1842).
And how to set Lon/Lat?
anyway this looks very cool.
You need the latest 3.0 Beta version (currently r1298) which you can download from here [link]
Use your mouse to left-click on the golden spoked-wheel at the top of the chain and then follow the instructions in the file.
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